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       Fujian grand harvest irrigation technology co. LTD Is a professional in agriculture、Research, development and production of water conservancy and garden water-saving irrigation products and water and fertilizer integrated irrigation system,And for agriculture、Integrated garden and water and fertilizer irrigation projects provide design、Installation and guidance。
       The company's main products include:Micro irrigation system (drip irrigation and micro sprinkler irrigation)、sprinkling irrigation system、filtration system 、Fertilization system、Garden irrigation system and accessories, etc;Products are widely used in agricultural water-saving irrigation,Gardening landscape,Municipal greening,Greenhouse greenhouses and industrial and mining dust removal and so on。 rich experience ,Products and services have been recognized and praised by many users。constant innovation,Quality products and professional services,It's our company's policy。2016The company was awarded the fujian province science and technology enterprise certificate,Awarded by the college of mechanical and electrical engineering of fujian agriculture and forestry university in 2014-2016 annual excellent college students innovation and entrepreneurship practice base。The product passedISO9001The quality andISO14001Environmental management system double certification…… [in detail ]

Micro-irrigation system

Institutional advantages
Microirrigation delivers water and nutrients needed for crop growth directly and appropriately to irrigation methods near crop roots through pressure..

Sprinkler irrigation system

Sprinkler irrigation system is a water conservancy facility which takes water from the water source and transfers it to the field.

The filtration system

Field advantage
It is mainly used in the field of irrigation, such as greenhouse, greenhouse, fruit forest and farmland. Is the sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation equipment water purification system.

Fertilization system

Management Advantage
Provide fertilizer timely and appropriately according to individual nutrition, field population structure and crop type; To ensure the timely absorption and utilization of nutrients, reduce fertilizer loss。

Garden irrigation series

Technological advantages
To replenish the soil moisture required by the growth of garden plants, regulate the air temperature and humidity in the garden, Remove dust to improve growth conditions and landscape.

Irrigation fittings

Service Advantage
Mainly used in the field of irrigation, such as greenhouse, greenhouse, fruit forest and farmland: Optimizing material formula, light weight, flexibility, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging,
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